ARIA focuses on trading in commodities and energy that will be needed worldwide in the coming years and decades for the development of new conurbations. Strong population growth is forecast in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Large numbers of people will move to big cities. At the same time, the standard of living will also rise, leading to growing demand for higher-quality industrial and consumer products. Commodities, energy, and all resultant products are needed if all these emerging developments are to become reality.

With its longstanding contacts, ARIA is able to meet requirements worldwide flexibly and cost-effectively as a trading firm with an international outlook. In the years ahead, we will keep on working to expand our product procurement. We are constantly on the move worldwide with our project team to evaluate resources. This means that we are keen to cement our position through targeted investments in companies and projects. Strict compliance with international environmental and human-rights regulations when extracting the commodities and generating the energy is the reason why we select our projects so carefully. We will also focus on proceeding with our global expansion even more quickly in order to be on hand locally for many of our dynamic clients.


Trading in commodities, particularly ore and hydrocarbons, is one of the most important pillars of worldwide growth. China and India are firmly among the major nations to have propelled global growth in recent years.

Only those who can deliver with high levels of quality and reliability at an acceptable cost can thrive on the market. For several years now, ore and the steel produced from it have been subject to considerable price volatility. In these market conditions, it is all the more important to be able to deliver all key elements of a transaction – from the goods and logistics to sophisticated financial engineering and risk management– from a single source. ARIA and its team of specialists are committed to doing this in a global environment.