Mr. Jensen was born in 1953 in Ellerau/Holst. in Germany and is of German nationality.

In 1969 he started his professional education at Bankhaus Hermann Lampe KG in Hamburg and succeeded in 1972.

The professional career of Mr. Jensen started in the same year at Bankhaus Hermann Lampe KG. and lead him in 1974 to Hamburg-Afrika Bank AG and in 1977 to Delbrück & Co.Privatbankiers in Hamburg.

At Delbrück & Co. Privatbankiers Mr.Jensen was given procuration in a responsible position covering the complete spectrum of international financial transactions.

Since 2002 Mr. Jensen is working freelance for several companies providing a special service for consulting and settlement of international financial transactions.

Mr. Jensen entered the Roodsari Company Group in 2006 as an external staff member.