Global population growth will increase sharply again in the decades ahead. Researchers expect the world’s population to rise dramatically from its current level of 7 billion to 9.2 billion by 2050. In view of this scenario, demand for housing and industrial goods is bound to grow. Mining of commodities will have to be stepped up further in order to satisfy this demand. However, in the past, there were several cases in which mining of commodities also led to social conflict.

ARIA is committed to trading in sustainably extracted commodities only. Therefore, in its projects, ARIA insists that the commodities are mined in line with applicable environmental standards and that the locals in the regions concerned are not adversely affected. Once the mining projects are complete, ARIA also works intensively to ensure that the earthworks carried out are rectified in an environmentally sound manner and any residue is cleared.

In addition, ARIA is actively involved in projects geared towards extracting the commodity from partly contaminated ground and restoring the site to eliminate pollution.