ARIA believes in a sustainable future. To us, sustainability means combining long-term commercial success with environmental protection, the health and safety of all stakeholders and our own social responsibility.

As a responsible internationally operating company, we are particularly aware of our social responsibility. Therefore, health, occupational safety and preservation of the environment are our top priorities.

Our guideline on upholding these values (health, safety and environmental protection = HSE) is therefore a central element of our identity, and particularly sets out our company’s key objectives.

Consequently, the management team is committed to the following principles in the areas of health, safety, security, sustainability, and environmental Protection – HS³E:

  • We integrate HSE into all our activities and strive for continuous improvement here. To this end, we set challenging targets. Customised HSE solutions are a fundamental principle here.
  • We ensure that the production facilities worldwide meet high standards in terms of system and occupational safety as well as health and environmental protection, and we advance sustainable solutions. Does Aria have production facilities?? If not, this paragraph can be omitted
  • We protect our employees and facilities against attacks by third parties.
  • We live up to our responsibility for the environment and climate protection, structuring our processes in such a way that environmental impacts and consumption of energy and resources are minimised.
  • We aim to be an attractive employer, a reliable partner and a good neighbour. That is why we take social responsibility and get involved in the areas where we are based.
  • We are engaged in open, constructive dialogue with our stakeholders.
  • In our global activities, we are committed to compliance with international conventions, local laws, and our own standards on protection of humans and the environment.

We firmly believe that “everyone matters.” Everyone who works at Aria SE contributes to fulfilling this guideline by acting with consideration and commitment. This also applies to our contractors. In all our activities, commercial concerns never outweigh safety, health and environmental protection. Nothing is so urgent or important that the HSE principles can be ignored at Aria SE.