As an expert in the commodity markets, ARIA concentrates on trading in mineral commodities. In addition to ore business, we also offer power generation and trading in hydrocarbons.

Iron ore

The chemical element iron does not naturally occur in its pure form, but predominantly as oxidic iron ore, which is extracted by mining. It is the second most common metal after aluminium. The ore is used to produce steel, which plays a dominant role in the automotive and shipbuilding industries and the production of household appliances as well as the infrastructure and property sectors. Iron ore is extracted in deep mining or the less complex and more cost-effective open-cast mining. These days, iron ores extracted in open-cast mining come mainly from Canada, Brazil, Australia, the CIS states, and China. In recent decades, these countries have supplanted the original leading iron-ore exporters such as France, Sweden, and Germany. Africa is set to emerge as a key source of demand. We offer iron ores with a wide variety of iron content from 53% to 66%, including iron ore lumps, iron ore fines, sinter feed, and concentrate. Our range also covers steel commodities such as steel billets, coils, mill scale, and beach or pig iron.

Further products

In addition to our core business with energy, our product mix contains crude oil and crude-oil products, a wide range that is a key factor in the Group’s dynamic growth. If you require further information, please contact our team.