Compliance is an important management and monitoring tool at ARIA, taking the form of company-wide measures for adherence to statutory regulations and in-house guidelines. The core areas of the compliance programme include anti-corruption measures, compliance with EU and OFAC export legislation, and prevention of money laundering. The Management Board of ARIA SE has voiced its rejection of violations relating to EU and OFAC regulations as well as corruption. There is a clear commitment to comply with statutory and internal regulations: infringements, particularly export infringements or corruption, will not be accepted as part of a zero-tolerance approach. All suggestions of misconduct are followed up. To fulfil the compliance commitment, a transparent management culture geared towards the company profile is continuously evolving. As part of this, ARIA’s employees are personally responsible for adhering to the compliance requirements. In addition, our managers assume corporate responsibility for rigorous implementation of the compliance programme. Employees and managers alike are supported by the Compliance unit here.